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Why Whiskey? 


We might as well ask ourselves Why Cinema? Why Performance? Why Unscripted? Why Art? 


Why Life? 


We make no bones about our love for the movies. We love the fun and the excitement; the magic and mystery and majesty. We love arguing about them, geeking out and posturing; essentially defining our entire existence through them. Alcohol makes this whole process a whole lot easier. 


Simply put, we believe that watching movies, talking about movies, heck, even loving movies, goes down easier with a drink. Sneaking a beer into a movie theater will always carry an illicit thrill, and a moviegoing experience isn't complete until we've dissected the film over a drink or two at a local watering hole. 


Fun Fact: When they shot The African Queen, Humprhey Bogart and director John Huston were the only one not to suffer dysentery on the set, because they only drank whiskey, never water. I don't know why I thought of that just now...


Yes, we know alcohol is addictive, and we're not preaching excess (except when we are). And we also recognize that whiskey might not be everyone's cup of tea. Yet the Whiskey in Whiskey Flicks Live is not a prerequisite, but an aspiration. It's not a spirit so much as a state of mind. We're in favor of whatever blurs the boundaries between us, whatever brings us together in admiration of the art and the people we love. 


Pass The Bottle. 

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