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WFL Holiday Spectacular 2021 show image.jpg

For the second annual Whiskey Flicks Live Holiday Spectacular!, Mike and Dan shook things up by sharing curatorial and commentary duties, lobbing movie and TV clips (turns out, mostly TV) at one another like so many cheap ornaments.

Here’s the complete shuffle from the show on December 10, 2021:

1. Saturday Night Live (MN)

2. Home Alone (DM)

3. Sesame Street (MN)

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas (DM)

5. The O.C. (MN)

6. A Christmas Story (DM)

7. The Office - US version (MN)

8. The Office - UK version (DM)

9. Happy Days (MN)

10. Dropkick Murphys - The Season's Upon Us (music vid) interrupted! (DM)

11. Community (MN)

12. Steven Universe (DM)

13. Rechov Sumsum (MN)

14. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (DM)

15. 30 Rock (MN)

16. Yankee Doodle Dandy (DM)

17. Futurama (MN)

18. Christmas with the Kranks (audience pick!)

19. Prince - Super Bowl Halftime Show (MN)

20. The Muppets Christmas Carol (DM)

Mupper Christmas Carol.png
Christmas Story.png
Happy Days.png
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