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A postponed in-person show left room for an encore performance of A Good Old Fashioned Whiskey Flicks Live!, so Michael, Dan and special guest Emmy Perryman dove deep once again into classic movies from Golden Age, Pre Code and Silent Era Hollywood, with a focus on the theme of transformation.

Here's the complete playlist from the show on January 21, 2022:

1. 42nd Street

2. Modern Times

3. Bringing Up Baby

4. The Clock

5. The Adventures of Prince Achmed

6. The Emperor Jones

7. The Private Life of Henry VIII

8. The Rules of the Game

9. Dracula (1931)

10. Sullivan's Travels

11. Singin' In the Rain

12. I Married a Witch

13. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

14. Double Indemnity

15. Dark Victory

16. A Streetcar Named Desire

17. Sleeping Beauty

18. Vertigo

19. Gold Diggers of 1933 (audience pick!)

20. Lawrence of Arabia 

21. An American in Paris (Niederman pick!)

22. Citizen Kane




For the first online Whiskey Flicks Live! of 2022, Mike and Dan got classy, and classic, with a show devoted to the films of Golden Age, Pre-Code, and even some Silent Era Hollywood. Joining them as co-curator and co-reactor was film historian and host of The Reel Woman podcast Emmy Perryman.

Together, Mike, Dan and Emmy led the audience on a journey back in time to the age of B&W melodramas, Technicolor musicals, and screwball comedies. Along the way they asked the question: why are these films, which are older than most people, still so beloved, and even so relevant, today?

Here’s the complete playlist from the show on January 7, 2022:

1. Top Hat

2. The General

3. It's a Wonderful Life

4. Rebecca

5. The Wizard of Oz

6. The Adventures of Robin Hood

7. The Heiress

8. Intolerance

9. Stormy Weather

10. Meet Me in St. Louis

11. Sweet Smell of Success

12. Casablanca

13. His Girl Friday

14. Singin' in the Rain

15. I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang

16. She Done Him Wrong

17. The Public Enemy

18. The Thin Man

19. Imitation of Life

20. Red-Headed Woman

21. Frankenstein

22. It Happened One Night

23. Duck Soup (audience pick!)

24. Stormy Weather reprise (Niederman pick!)

25. Lilies of the Field

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