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In Person!

Whiskey Flicks Live poster photo by Jody

Hear ye, hear ye! 


Whiskey Flicks Live! returns to meatspace (remember that?) for an outdoor show to kick off Memorial Day weekend at the City Reliquary on Friday, May 28 at 8pm. Capacity is extremely limited, so get your tickets NOW


"What is Whiskey Flicks Live!?" you may be asking from under your rock. Why, it's an unscripted, booze-infused deep dive into film created and performed by Michael Niederman and Daniel McCoy. Here’s how it works: Dan presents Mike with a one-time-only series of themed movie clips, projected onto a screen for all to enjoy. Mike uses these clips as fodder for an impromptu stream of film criticism, personal history, and social commentary...with whiskey. Mike doesn’t know what Dan’s going to show him, Dan doesn’t know what Mike’s going to say, and the audience is along for the ride. There may even be dancing. There’ll definitely be drinking. Hopefully you’ll remember why you love the movies, too.


We also have a liquor sponsor for this event! Breuckelen Distilling has kindly donated some bottles of their finest whiskey, which Sam Reiff-Pasarew of MasterChef Season 8 fame will be pouring and mixing into themed cocktails. 


So what are you waiting for? CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS and to read about the City Reliquary's safety measures for outdoor performances.


Can't wait to see you there, Live...and In Person!

Something This Way Whiskey Comes (2019)

Past Shows

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